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Monday, December 28, 2009

Next Seascape Workshop - Feb 6th & 7th

I've been running these workshops now for about 6 months and they have had fantastic feedback from the participants. I'm putting on another workshop in Feb 2010 for anybody who wants to dramatically improve their seascape photography and post processing skills.

If you would like to find out more about the workshop, click here to pop over to my blog to read all about the workshop.


Sydney Opera House

Hey folks

This is another guide for photographers shooting the Opera House. The guide is by Bailie Yan and has a couple of lovely shots.

Click here to view the guide for Sydney Opera House


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lithgow Blast Furnace

This is one of my favorite "ruins" to shoot. This photoguide is from David Haworth who has contributed a number of guides to this project (thanks David).

The blast furnace is a really cool place to shoot... lots of interesting shapes, angles, backgrounds etc. It really is one of those "must see" locations in my view. Also makes for some interesting night photography (but I wouldn't shoot this place alone at night).

Click here to check out David's guide to the Old Lithgow Blast Furnace


Manly Beach by Lee Duguid

Hey there fellowPhotogs. I hope Santa filled your stockings with great camera gear...

Here's a new guide from a photographer called Lee Duguid. I met Lee on one of my seascape workshops. He has kindly put together this photo guide for one of Sydney's icon locations, Manly. Now it's not your normal Manly surf beach stuff, but a few alternative locations around Manly that you may want to check out. Some lovely shots and some great ideas.

Click here to view the Photoguide for Manly by Lee.

Happy New Year everybody


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jerusalem Bay

When I grew up we had a cabin cruiser and my Dad would take the family all around the Hawksbury, Pittwater and Cowan Creek. So it was with a touch of nostalgia that I received this guide to Jerusalem Bay from Angus Cameron. If you love bush walking with gorgeous waterway scenery, then I recommend you check out Angus's guide to Jerusalem Bay.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coalcliff Beach by Herbert

Hi folks
Here's another guide by an Austrian contributor "Herbert". This is for a South Coast location called Coalcliff beach. Funnily enough I am down the coast as I type this, so I might just have to check this location out on my trip back to Sydney.

Enjoy the guide to Coalcliff Beach on the South Coast (60km from Sydney)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Canyon X (also known as Warriewood Blowhole)

Hi folks... It's been a few months since the last photo guide was put up, so I thought it was about time to add another batch. I'll try to add a few over this long weekend.

I have finally written the guide to Warriewood Blowhole... a place that I nicknamed "Canyon X" when I stumbled across it a while back. This is one of Sydney's relatively unphotographed locations mainly because of the access to it.

You can get to it by scrambling over rocks from North Turimetta, or else you can take the exciting route down the fishermans ropes from the cliff. I definitely prefer the rope descent.

Anyway, this location is NOT for the faint of heart, but there are some great rewards to those that do get down the bottom. I hope you enjoy my guide to Canyon X.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nightcap National Park

Here's another gorgeous guide by Ros and Cheryl Brighouse. I swear their photos are improving with every guide they write. I haven't heard much about Nightcap National Park, but it certainly looks like there is some gorgeous scenery here.

Click here to enjoy the guide to Nightcap National Park.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coffs Harbour

It's great to see some more guides for locations outside of the Sydney and Central Coast area. Here's a guide to Coffs Harbour by Ken Dickson.

Thanks very much Ken for this great guide


Monday, June 22, 2009

Hastings Point

This is another guide by Ross and Cher for one of the Northern beaches in NSW. Looks like a beautiful spot. It's great to see a few more guides springing up for non-Sydney locations.

Click here to view the guide for Hastings Point


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Devils Cauldron by Brent Pearson

Here's a guide to one of my favorite Northern Beaches locations (probably in my top 3). It is located about 20 min South of Whale Beach (along the rocks) and I have nick-named it "Devils Cauldron". When you see it in action you will see why I called it this.

A fantastic place to photograph... very dramatic. This is not a location for beginners to Seascape photography as there is a 20 min scramble over the rocks. It is also near an exposed rock shelf, so you need to be very careful of waves out here.

Well worth the effort to get to. I hope you enjoy my guide to Devils Cauldron.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mungo National Park

Well I finally got my old man to write a guide.... and it's a good one. This is written by my Dad (and sometimes photographic shooting buddy.... when he takes me...)

He has chosen to write a comprehensive guide to one of the places I am dying to go out and photograph - Mungo National Park. I'm sure he does this just to rub in the fact that he is retired and can shoot whenever he wants while I have to slave away at work.

This is a fascinating guide to an incredibly interesting area. I hope you enjoy reading the guide to Mungo National Park


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dee Why

Here's a new guide to Dee Why by Johnno (aka Xenedis). Dee Why is a great location to shoot as it has not only a photogenic pool, but also some lovely rocks to the South of the pool. If you keep following the shorline, you even come to a lovely set of stone stairs that seemingly go nowhere.

Enjoy Johno's guide to Dee Why


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seascape Workshop Update

Just a quick note. The first workshop filled up pretty quickly, so I have put on a second workshop that will run on July 27 & 28. There are currently still 3 places left on this workshop, so anybody that would like to really accelerate their seascape photography, this is your chance. See the post below for more details and a link to the workshop details.

Gerringong & Werri Beach

Hey Folks
Here's a new guide from a new contributor Richard Cordell (more new contributors would be great). This is for two beaches just South of Kiama. It's great to get more contributions from outside the Sydney area.

Looks like there are some great locations around the Kiama area.

Click here to visit this guide.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1 Day Intensive Seascape Workshop

Hey all you Sydney Seascape nuts. You guys might be interested in this intensive workshop that I am running in June covering all aspects of seascape photography, from the capture through to the workflow. I've been shooting seascapes for a long time, a lot of my work is on display in these photo guides, and you can view more of it here in my Flickr gallery.

If you like my seascapes and want to produce images like these, I'm going to share all my tips, tricks and secrets on the workshop including my photoshop workflow in great detail. I'm keeping this group small and intimate, so first in... best dressed.

More information including the workshop schedule can be found here.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Long Reef

This is a guide written by yours truly. I love photographing Long Reef. There is something quite peaceful about walking around this huge reef in the pre-dawn light. It's quiet... normally there are no other people around and there are lots of lovely things to photograph. Especially if you love rock textures and isolating the boulders.

I hope you enjoy this guide to Long Reef.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Avalon Tidal Pool

Here's another guide by Johno (aka Xenedis).

Avalon is quite a pretty tidal pool nested under the Southern headland of the beach. Easy to access and quite a lot of fun to shoot. There are even some good overhead shots of this pool and beach.

Click here to read John's guide to Avalon Beach

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cronulla - Not one, two or three... but Four Tidal Pools

This comprehensive guide to the tidal pools of Crunulla is written by Johnno (aka Xenedis). John enjoys the Dawn seascapes along with other photographic interests... I've had the pleasure of shooting with John on a number of occasions.

This guide goes into a lot of detail about the different types of scenery you can find down around Cronulla. I haven't had the pleasure of shooting this location yet, but after reading the guide I think I'm going to have to make the journey down that way.

Click here to view the guide to Cronulla's Tidal Pools.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains

Here's a guide to a wonderful place... Wentworth Falls. This is definitely a must-see location and Mark has done it justice with some gorgeous locations in this guide. It is a well written comprehensive photo guide for this incredible place.

Click here to view Mark Bedwani's guide to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mtns

Penguins Point, Culburra Beach

Hey folks

Sorry for the absence of postings... I've been busily writing my first book (well e-book actually), and thats almost ready to be published.

But it is my pleasure to link in a guide to Penguins Point written by Eugene Dagher. Not far from Nowra on the NSW South Coast, this locations sure looks pretty photogenic. I can feel a South Coast trip coming up to visit some of the wonderful locations that are springing up on the guide site.

Click here to view the guide to Penguins Point, Culburra Beach.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Balls Head - Sydney Harbour

This is a lovely guide to Balls Head in Sydney Harbour. If you are looking for a different angle to take some stunning panos of classic Sydney scenes, then I don't think you can go past Balls Head in a hurry. Looks like a whole raft of different angles and shots can be taken from this location.

Click here to view Steve Mullarkey's guide to Balls Head in Sydney Harbour

Minnamurra Rain Forest

Another of Steve's guides... this one is for Minnamurra Rain Forest behind Kiama. I haven't been down to this part of NSW for a very long time, but with all of these great guides that are being posted, I can feel a weekend trip coming up to explore some of them.

I hope you enjoy the guide to Minnamurra Rain Forest. Click here to view it.

South Curl Curl Tidal Pool

Well it seems that the wet weather we are having is keeping a lot of the landscapers out from shooting this weekend.... so what better way is there to pass the time than writing a couple of guides. That seems to work for Dave Smith who is obviously getting itchy feet.... this is Dave's second guide, and really makes a matching set for Curl Curl. Dave first write a great guide for North Curly (see below), and now he has completed his second guide for South Curl Curl.

I've only shot there once, but I really enjoyed it. I know that Dave has shot at this location several times and has put together a great guide.

Click here to view the guide for South Curl Curl Tidal Pool

North Curl Curl Tidal Pool by Dave Smith

Here's a great guide to a location that I know well ... North Curl Curl tidal pool. This guide is by Dave Smith who is an avid Northern Beaches photographer.

Dave has got some cracking pictures from this lovely little location in his guide. If you haven't shot North Curly before, I suggest you click here to look at what you might find in this location.


Saddleback Mountain

Another guide from Steve Mullarkey, this one is for Saddleback Mountain in behind Kiama. Looks like some incredible rolling green hills and lovely panoramas.

Click here to view the guide for Saddleback Mountain


Saturday, February 7, 2009

North Kiama

Another guide from Steve Mullarkey, this looks like an interesting stretch of coast, some nice accessible rocks on the beach.

Checkout Steve's guide to North Kiama


Kiama Rock Pool

Well, it's been a few months since I updated the NSW guides.... I've been travelling through Europe and then visiting Uganda.... just coming up for air now.

Photo by Steve Mullarkey

I haven't photographed Kiama, but based on this guide, it looks like I better plan a trip down there. The rock formations look very interesting and definitely worth photographing.

Click here to read Steve Mullarkey's guide to Kiama Rock Pool.