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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dee Why

Here's a new guide to Dee Why by Johnno (aka Xenedis). Dee Why is a great location to shoot as it has not only a photogenic pool, but also some lovely rocks to the South of the pool. If you keep following the shorline, you even come to a lovely set of stone stairs that seemingly go nowhere.

Enjoy Johno's guide to Dee Why


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seascape Workshop Update

Just a quick note. The first workshop filled up pretty quickly, so I have put on a second workshop that will run on July 27 & 28. There are currently still 3 places left on this workshop, so anybody that would like to really accelerate their seascape photography, this is your chance. See the post below for more details and a link to the workshop details.

Gerringong & Werri Beach

Hey Folks
Here's a new guide from a new contributor Richard Cordell (more new contributors would be great). This is for two beaches just South of Kiama. It's great to get more contributions from outside the Sydney area.

Looks like there are some great locations around the Kiama area.

Click here to visit this guide.