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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Balls Head - Sydney Harbour

This is a lovely guide to Balls Head in Sydney Harbour. If you are looking for a different angle to take some stunning panos of classic Sydney scenes, then I don't think you can go past Balls Head in a hurry. Looks like a whole raft of different angles and shots can be taken from this location.

Click here to view Steve Mullarkey's guide to Balls Head in Sydney Harbour

Minnamurra Rain Forest

Another of Steve's guides... this one is for Minnamurra Rain Forest behind Kiama. I haven't been down to this part of NSW for a very long time, but with all of these great guides that are being posted, I can feel a weekend trip coming up to explore some of them.

I hope you enjoy the guide to Minnamurra Rain Forest. Click here to view it.

South Curl Curl Tidal Pool

Well it seems that the wet weather we are having is keeping a lot of the landscapers out from shooting this weekend.... so what better way is there to pass the time than writing a couple of guides. That seems to work for Dave Smith who is obviously getting itchy feet.... this is Dave's second guide, and really makes a matching set for Curl Curl. Dave first write a great guide for North Curly (see below), and now he has completed his second guide for South Curl Curl.

I've only shot there once, but I really enjoyed it. I know that Dave has shot at this location several times and has put together a great guide.

Click here to view the guide for South Curl Curl Tidal Pool

North Curl Curl Tidal Pool by Dave Smith

Here's a great guide to a location that I know well ... North Curl Curl tidal pool. This guide is by Dave Smith who is an avid Northern Beaches photographer.

Dave has got some cracking pictures from this lovely little location in his guide. If you haven't shot North Curly before, I suggest you click here to look at what you might find in this location.


Saddleback Mountain

Another guide from Steve Mullarkey, this one is for Saddleback Mountain in behind Kiama. Looks like some incredible rolling green hills and lovely panoramas.

Click here to view the guide for Saddleback Mountain


Saturday, February 7, 2009

North Kiama

Another guide from Steve Mullarkey, this looks like an interesting stretch of coast, some nice accessible rocks on the beach.

Checkout Steve's guide to North Kiama


Kiama Rock Pool

Well, it's been a few months since I updated the NSW guides.... I've been travelling through Europe and then visiting Uganda.... just coming up for air now.

Photo by Steve Mullarkey

I haven't photographed Kiama, but based on this guide, it looks like I better plan a trip down there. The rock formations look very interesting and definitely worth photographing.

Click here to read Steve Mullarkey's guide to Kiama Rock Pool.