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Monday, December 28, 2009

Next Seascape Workshop - Feb 6th & 7th

I've been running these workshops now for about 6 months and they have had fantastic feedback from the participants. I'm putting on another workshop in Feb 2010 for anybody who wants to dramatically improve their seascape photography and post processing skills.

If you would like to find out more about the workshop, click here to pop over to my blog to read all about the workshop.


Sydney Opera House

Hey folks

This is another guide for photographers shooting the Opera House. The guide is by Bailie Yan and has a couple of lovely shots.

Click here to view the guide for Sydney Opera House


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lithgow Blast Furnace

This is one of my favorite "ruins" to shoot. This photoguide is from David Haworth who has contributed a number of guides to this project (thanks David).

The blast furnace is a really cool place to shoot... lots of interesting shapes, angles, backgrounds etc. It really is one of those "must see" locations in my view. Also makes for some interesting night photography (but I wouldn't shoot this place alone at night).

Click here to check out David's guide to the Old Lithgow Blast Furnace


Manly Beach by Lee Duguid

Hey there fellowPhotogs. I hope Santa filled your stockings with great camera gear...

Here's a new guide from a photographer called Lee Duguid. I met Lee on one of my seascape workshops. He has kindly put together this photo guide for one of Sydney's icon locations, Manly. Now it's not your normal Manly surf beach stuff, but a few alternative locations around Manly that you may want to check out. Some lovely shots and some great ideas.

Click here to view the Photoguide for Manly by Lee.

Happy New Year everybody