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Friday, May 27, 2011

Australiana Pioneer Village - Wilberforce

Huh! I never even knew this place existed.... nor where Wilberforce was for that matter. Please find a photographers guide to the Australiana Pioneer Village. This guide comes to us from Gary Simmonds (thanks Gary). So for those of you that love shooting old towns, buildings etc. Check out this guide.


Mount Panorama

I went to my first Bathurst 1000 (or whatever the hell they call it now), when i was about 19 years old. I used to love the duels between Brocky and Johnson and Moffat... those were the days....

Here's a great guide from Peter Yandle on photographing Mount Panorama. Looks like an interesting place to shoot without all the action going on..... slightly ghost-town like.

Enjoy Peter's guide to photographing Mt. Panorama at Bathurst.

The Iconic Three Sisters

Well it's kind of surprising that it has taken this long for somebody to do a guide on the iconic 3 sisters. Thanks Richard Wong for completing a guide to this beautiful spot. It's great to see more guides coming from the Blue Mtns.... Such a great place to go and photograph. Please check out Richard's guide to the Three Sisters.