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Monday, September 1, 2008

New Photo Guide by Peter Eastway

It is my pleasure to announce the latest photo guide has been written by one of Australia's better known photographers, Mr Peter Eastway. Peter has been consulting with me on this project and offering some great advice and feedback.

I'm hoping we can tie aspects of this project in with the Better Photography website.

Click here to see Peter Eastway's guide to Tilba Tilba on the NSW South Coast

1 comment:

Mike Hodgson said...

Wow, Brent, you're managing to get some pretty big names on this project. Great stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to write you something for Tuross Head (also in the Eurobodalla area) some time soon. I might be going back there around Christmas so I'll pay more attention to the photo guide situation when I'm there. And following on from Tuross I might be able to do a few other areas in the Eurobodalla (such as Mystery Bay) or Shoalhaven (such as Depot Beach).

I think this project is a fantastic idea (I've already read your Forresters Beach guide very closely as I'm planning a shoot there in the next couple weeks).

Great stuff Brent.

(a.k.a. The Sage of Shadowdale on Flickr)