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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10.10.10 Sleepout for Homeless

Hey folks
This isn't strictly photography related, but it's still a good cause and worth publicising. On 10th October I'm joining hundreds of others and sleeping out in Centennial Park to raise money for Mission Australia who help thousands of homeless people every night.
I was shocked to learn that each night there are over 100,000 people sleeping rough in Sydney and almost half of these are under 25.

How can you help?
Two ways, sign up and come and join me for the sleepout (you can sign up here)
Make a small donation by clicking this link.

Anybody that comes out to sleep out can come photograph with me, I'll run a free night photography ad-hoc workshop. There should be lots of interesting things to shoot (buskers, people camping out, sleeping rough etc.)

I started the Freephotoguide site as a free resource for photographers. If you have found this site useful, then perhaps you could find a few dollars to support this really worthwhile cause.


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